Back to the year 1980, Refaat for Contracting was founded by its owner Refaat Tadros Misriky for
steel rebar fabrication and fixing insitu. Ever since, the company has achieved
continuous successes by providing its services especially at most difficult and important
structural types whilst the origins of the company were very much founded upon structural
engineering construction and its associated activities are at the very heart of the company.
Over the past 20 years or so, the company has established itself in all sections and has risen
to a position at the forefront of the building industry as a business partner with
multinational construction firms inside Egypt and at gulf area.

Engineer Michel Boushra, the managing director since 1990,
succeeded in structuring the company internally and it was then when Refaat Tadros, the owner delegated to him most authorities for the day to day operations. Starting from that level, Refaat for contracting boosted and was perceived as well positioned as a leader contractor for steel fixing fabrication and fixing- in a narrow ranged market that luckily had very few competitors.